Behind the Scenes - Part 2

     As a team, we held long meetings in the library and decided upon working under the “college” realm, especially since it was so related to ourselves as high school students. CollegeFit was originally a platform that analyzed quantitative and qualitative data to project reach, target, and safety schools for students.

     The original CollegeFit idea presented a lot of technical problems, as we soon realized that we would have to make an algorithm that satisfied the college acceptance process. Kaeya, our temporary mentor who came to ideate with us, talked to us about a platform that allowed for job shadowing, so we decided to do the same for colleges.

     We finally had an idea. It was time to do customer validation and build our minimal viable product. A few of us walked around SFSU talking to students about our idea and asking about student life. We also worked quickly to create a platform, market, and gather users. At the end of it all, we created the company, CollegeFit.

     Through all the trials and tribulations we went through as a team, through all the fights, we learned the importance of planning and teamwork, the necessity of research. We made close friends and an inspiring company.



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