For Mentors

CollegeFit gives you the opportunity to show off your college to prospective students. You have a lot of experiential knowledge that high school students would love to hear.

1. Make easy money during your regular schedule.

College is expensive, and time consuming. The average student graduates with $37,000 in debt, partly because it's hard to make money while in college and still focus on your grades. Becoming a Mentor gives you the freedom to make money simply by chaperoning students.

2. Share your pride for your college.

College years are the best years. Help students and show off! Explain why your college is the best!

3. Be a mentor.

Show rising high school students what your college is truly like. When you are a mentor, you will guide students through your daily routine and help them get a true VIP experience to experience what a day in your life looks like. You will also give them a brief tour of the college in the free time that you have, so that they can get the most out of their visit with you.